Treasured Story: Julia and Kenzie

I’ve known Julia Martin and her family for several years now and they’ve always struck me as a close-knit, fun-loving family. I love passing their acreage near the school to see what farm animals they have grazing on their pasture. In the mornings, after dropping off my daughter at school, I smile when I see her husband Eddie walk with their two youngest girls hand-in-hand.

They’re entering a new phase in their life, sending off their oldest child to college. Kenzie is a wonderful young woman with loads of talent and charm. If you were lucky enough to see her vie (and win) for Homecoming queen or in the high school production of “Happy Days” you’ll know what I mean. She’ll make a huge mark on the world, no doubt!

It was fun taking their photo. Not just because they are both photogenic, but because it was neat to witness such a strong bond between mother and daughter. Thank you, Julia and Kenzie!

Eddie and Julia attended Ricks College, then Utah State University (Go Aggies!) and Julia had a few stories from her college days. Here’s one.

Julia’s treasured story
They used to let us pull up another student’s schedule at Rick’s College (I don’t think people can do it now). I thought Eddie was so cute, I’d write to my sister about this boy with these dimples. So I pulled up his schedule, and I’d just “happen” to be at the buildings where he had classes.

I felt terribly guilty. I felt like I was stalking him, and I needed to fess up. So I told him, “I really have to get something off my chest.” I opened my folder and handed him his schedule. He didn’t say anything for a long moment. Finally, he took out his wallet and unfolded this piece of paper. It was my schedule.