Treasured Story: Paul & Dalen

When I asked Paul Matthews if he was an athlete growing up, he said, “Baseball, football, I played it all.” So I thought the sports theme would be perfect for the pair.

I caught up with him and his 18 year old grandson Dalen Erickson the night of game 6 between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. (Dalen had asked, fittingly, if we could move up our appointment so he could watch the basketball game on TV).

Dalen brought a basketball and a football as props. As you will read in this news story HERE, Dalen is an extremely talented multi-sport athlete, and his photo – the Utah Jazz shirt and football combo – reflects that.

I love this family. I asked Paul and Dalen to pose because their hearts are big, like their beautiful smiles. Thank you, Paul and Dalen!

Paul’s Treasured Story

You want to hear something funny? One football game at Grantsville High, at the ol’ high school, where Grantsville Elementary is today, I was showing off. It’s not good for the co-captain to show off, is it? When the team came out onto the field, I jumped the rope and tripped.

Another time, when we beat Dugway, there was a snowstorm, a blizzard. It was kind of fun; it was like taking two steps forward for every one step back. There was snow all over and you couldn’t see a thing. Right at the end of the game, I just went downfield and turned a quickie out, then caught the ball and ran for a touchdown.

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