Treasured Story: Steve and Jamie

When I was thinking of a family restaurant to feature in my Treasured Stories posters, Casa del Rey immediately came to mind. Steve Trujillo and his daughter Jamie are two of the hardest-working folks I know. And their smiles are a testament to their friendly service.

In a recent op-ed, I touted Casa del Rey as one of my favorite restaurants not just in Grantsville, but anywhere, because:

The delicious food isn’t the only reason why we keep coming back. As we pull into the parking lot, servers are waiting to seat us. They give us grated cheese to go with our salsa, without us even asking, just because we’ve asked in the past. The owner, Steve, shakes our hand and asks us how the food and service was, and his smile is genuine. When my husband and I go there on dates, there are no distracting TV sets, and we can actually enjoy a quiet conversation. And yes, their prices are reasonable.

Thank you Steve and Jamie!

Steve’s Treasured Story

I always cooked, growing up. After I got married, I talked about doing a restaurant. Well, years later, when I was getting ready to retire, I saw this building (what used to be Jimbo’s restaurant) in Grantsville that was for sale on Main Street. “Boy,” I told my wife. “That’ll be a good place for a restaurant.” My wife said, “Then quit talking about it and do it!”
If I had a recipe for success, it would be this: Always work hard and follow your dream.