Braving the basement

I have a new slogan: “All your treasured stories, in one book!”

If I were to pinpoint one of the most common refrains from clients or potential clients, it’s this: “I have a, b, and c,  somewhere in the basement, hopefully not buried too deeply, between Christmas decorations and food storage.”

What do you have in your attic (literal, not proverbial)? Do you have journals and photos and shoeboxes and a random video that your grandchild shot of you a few years ago for a class project plus maybe a bio you wrote for the family reunion?

Which is all well and good, but well, it would be really hard to track it all someday. Imagine your descendants, going through your basement or attic, and trying to find treasures of note. Hopefully, they will find all the pieces you have left for them to sort through. Sadly, something is bound to get lost in the melee.

Thing is, why wait for them to do the sorting?

Sorting through it, the way you want to be remembered, is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. And then, once you sort through them, you should put it all in one book.

Some books take the form of a binder. I had one of those for the longest time. I just crammed all I could think of from my college days, planning one day to tackle it all.

And I did. Put it all together in one place, in one published, slick book, one that I am very proud of. No more loose photos. No more loose memories. No more hoping that someday will come.

Get all your treasured stories in one place. Start today.