Yearly Archives: 2013

Organizing your story

The other day, I was visiting with a friend from church and she said, “I LOVE organizing!” She was referring to closets, shelves, houses, etc. I told her she was welcome to come over to my house and organize anytime. Closets might not be my expertise, but book organization is becoming mine. I love making […]

Treasured Story: Kathy Mouritsen

I’d already arranged to have a photo shoot for a Treasured Stories poster with Kathy Mouritsen and “one or two grandkids” this past week, when she called. “Jewel,” she said, her voice tinged with despair. “I don’t think I can do it.” “Do what?” I asked. “Just pick one or two grandkids.” We laughed. I […]

Treasured Story: Matt Price

20 years. That’s how long Matt Price has been involved with Grantsville High School’s theater program. First, as a volunteer, then as the theater director/drama teacher. And boy, does he have stories to tell. For their 20th anniversary just this past week, the school put on a fabulous performance of Phantom of the Opera. At intermission, […]

Treasured Story: Jan

From Poet to Published Jan Fultz with her book “The Winds of March” Sometimes a memoir can take a different shape than the traditional storybook format. Such was the case with my talented client Jan Fultz, who has been turning her observations and experiences into poetry all her life. A couple of months ago, she […]

What’s your story?

Last Saturday, I was at the Salt Lake Library volunteering at a table for the Life Story Foundation when a guy stopped to chat. When I asked him what his “story” was, he said, “I want to be a mayor of a big city.”I said, “Which one?” He said, “In Mali.”I said, “Are you related […]

Treasured Story: Rick & Janell

It was late August of 2012. Rick and Janell Phelps had just signed on as clients, and we talked about a joint memoir to be ready by Christmas. They were already good friends of mine and I looked forward to getting to know them better. “Have you written your stories before?” I asked them. Janell […]