What’s your story?

Last Saturday, I was at the Salt Lake Library volunteering at a table for the Life Story Foundation when a guy stopped to chat. When I asked him what his “story” was, he said, “I want to be a mayor of a big city.”I said, “Which one?” He said, “In […]

Braving the basement

I have a new slogan: “All your treasured stories, in one book!” If I were to pinpoint one of the most common refrains from clients or potential clients, it’s this: “I have a, b, and c,  somewhere in the basement, hopefully not buried too deeply, between Christmas decorations and food […]

Journals might not be enough

A potential client told me the other day that she was in good shape with regards to her life story because she’s kept journals over the years and has a file full of notes from a personal history class. I told her that was great, but that she should consider […]

Why write your story now?

I have a friend who told me he wants to eventually write his personal history but he wants to wait until he’s lived his life more. This person is in their 60s. So his thinking might be that he anticipates living a few more decades and then he’ll tackle his personal history. I can respect […]